In the heart of Stoke on Trent, there’s a place where passion meets metal, where dedication breathes life into iconic cars.

This place is none other than Minimine!

Minimine is a sanctuary for Mini enthusiasts and a testament to the power of pursuing what you love and this year, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary, they’ve chosen the talented artist Art by Bex to commemorate this remarkable milestone.

Founded in 1994 by two friends, Nick Wright and Nick Harding, Minimine started as a shared hobby, a modest endeavor tucked away in a small lock-up behind a row of houses in Milton. Fast forward to today, and Minimine stands as a modern, spacious, and thriving business, a testimony to their dedication and unwavering commitment to the Mini community.

For the 30th anniversary of Minimine, Art by Bex has been personally commissioned to create a stunning canvas that encapsulates the brand’s heritage and the essence of Minimine’s journey. 

Bex is not only a friend of the company owners but also choses Minimine as her very own local Mini specialist for her classic Mini ‘Matilda’, part of Retro Mini Hire.

The Artist Bex shares Minimine’s passion for Mini’s so it’s a given that she is the perfect choice of Artist for this creative project.

This canvas promises to be more than just a work of art. It’s a time machine.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of this remarkable canvas, and let’s celebrate the 30 years of Minimine—a journey of love for Minis, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to the Mini community.

Here’s to the Nicks, to Minimine, and to the canvas that will etch their legacy into art and automotive history.

Let the creative journey begin…