Paddy Hopkirk

Paddy Hopkirk is a Legend of the rallying world as he transformed this small economical run around into the famous British icon we all know and love to this very day.

As the first ever driver to win the Monte Carlo rally in a Mini Cooper in 1964, Paddy’s success grew and grew into becoming world famous in rallying the Mini in all conditions throughout the western world.
Paddy Hopkirk is not only a collector of ArtbyBex artwork and a friend of Bex, he also worked with Bex on a variety of limited edition artworks inspired by the Mini.

The design process is one of the most important stages of an artworks beginning and Paddy has had his personal input into each of the artworks designs from concept to creation.

The artworks Paddy and Bex created together capture his many victory wins within his rallying career, the heritage and birth of the Mini in 1959 and of course his famous 33 EJB Mini in action.

Each of these exclusive artworks are limited to between only 37 to 60 created.

If you would like to be the owner of these artworks please make an enquiry to Bex.

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Exclusive Paddy Hopkirk ’37’ Artwork

37 Artwork Limited Edition

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Legendary Anniversary

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60th Mini Anniversary

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