ArtbyBex was the chosen artist to create one-off bespoke painting of Wheeler Dealer Duo, Ant Anstead and Mike Brewer, charity build cars.

Both celebs went head to head in a Classic Rumble to build/restore a car to be sold at Silverstone Auctions for charity.

The winner would sell his charity build for the highest value at the NEC Classic Motor Show.

Team Ant and Team Mike had a huge following of car enthusiasts watching these builds develop from day 1.

These followers, as well as ArtbyBex followers, watched as the artwork developed from the preliminary designs to the completed paintings.

These paintings were then signed by Ant and Mike and located beside the cars within Silverstone Auctions at the NEC Classic Motor Show.

See Ant Anstead sign his Team Ant bespoke painting

Both cars sold for around £20,000 and the money went to Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation and Harrison’s Fund Charity.

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