It is likely you’ll have read about Bex in many of her interviews and magazine features!

It is interesting to know about the background of his popular Artist,

to hear which celebrities she is creating for and what legends she is working with as part of her

Exclusive Legendary Anniversary Artwork Collection.

Well known for her bespoke original artwork and elite client base, Bex clearly puts her heart and soul into everything dynamic piece she creates!!

This attention to detail is clearly seen within her collectible 50th Anniversary of The Italian Job Artwork!

Bex has captured the original Mini Coopers ‘fly’ around back streets of Turin, race through the shopping arcades, down the Cathedral steps,

through sewers, across the weir and flying off the tops on the buildings, as well as the Ford Thames Trader minibus singing, “This is the self preservation society,” you know the ‘sing along’ words.

If you love The Italian Job as much as Bex does, you no doubt love the collectible artwork she has created with members of the original 1969 Italian Job cast.

Do you own one of the limited edition artworks, created by Bex and signed by Legends from the film?

If you not yet, would you like to…?

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