Mini Legend Paddy Hopkirk and Bex collaborate on an artwork like no other!

Together we introduce to you…
~ The Paddy Hopkirk ’37’ Artwork ~

The most limited art collection to date

Bex and Paddy have joined together yet again to design and create something truly unique.

An extremely special artwork limited to just ’37’ exclusive pieces capturing the iconic 33 EJB Mini Cooper famous for winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 with the famous Hopkirk behind the wheel.
ONLY 37 artworks have been created!

Each artwork is hand signed by Paddy Hopkirk.

A certificate of authenticity comes with the artwork to prove it’s place within the highly collectible Legendary Anniversary Collection created by Bex.

If you’d like to own one of these limited edition ’37’ Paddy Hopkirk Artworks, individually signed, authenticated and numbered.
Please feel free to get in contact with Bex personally or by adding your email address to the box below.

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