Bex from ArtbyBex has created a unique bespoke art piece celebrating the Mini rally victories of Paddy Hopkirk, especially the 1964 Monte Carlo rally victory that changed Patrick Hopkirk into ‘Paddy ‘Hopkirk the Mini Legend forever.’

Within this Limited Edition Legendary Anniversary Artwork, Bex has captured the same hand-built attention to detail, that the BMC rally team built into the Mini Cooper S rally sensation.

This unique piece incorporates the fine art drawings of Bex along with a central bespoke painting, making this Anniversary Celebration her most collectable bespoke artwork to date.

Paddy is especially pleased with Bex, capturing the ‘youthful Paddy’ in her bespoke art piece.

Paddy says, “I am so proud to be signing these unique artworks by Bex, I even have one myself!”

Bex has produced only 60 of this exceptional Limited Edition Artwork – each exclusive art print has been personally signed by Paddy Hopkirk & Bex.

This art print encapsulates, the hand drawn fine art drawings and three dimensional 33EJB painting, that has come to be the hallmark of ArtbyBex Paintings.

No additional prints will be made, only these original 60 prints in outstanding quality, to mark the anniversary of the Mini and the Monte win, making this totally exclusive and a very limited edition.

If you are interested in owning one of these Paddy Hopkirk Artworks, individually signed, authenticated and numbered-

Please contact Bex.

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